Multidisciplinary experience, focus and alignment

Studio Investimentos was founded in 2009 as an independent asset manager focused on the Brazilian financial market. The fundamental analysis and our complementary professional experiences are the basis for identifying good investment. The company was founded with a partnership structure, aligning our interest with our clients’ and reinforcing our long term commitment.


“The word Studio means

study, care in Italian.”

FundDateNAV (R$)MonthYear12 Months36 MonthsInceptionAssets (R$)Avg Assets (R$)
Studio 30 FIC FIA¹20/04/20212.924480512.22%0.68%54.34%67.56%192.45%182.69 MM170.28 MM
Studio FIC FIA²20/04/20213.927506562.72%0.05%45.86%48.65%292.75%124.45 MM126.85 MM
Studio 15 FIC FIA³20/04/20212.575111982.46%-0.48%56.35%55.54%157.51%104.94 MM99.23 MM
Studio Icatu Qualificado FIM CP20/04/20211.017072702.32%0.63%51.65%1.71%29.69 MM21.79 MM
Studio Icatu 49 Previdenciário FIM20/04/20211.828230200.51%-0.12%27.92%41.68%82.82%49.26 MM45.64 MM
Assets under mgmt.: R$ 1.28 Bi
¹ Inception date: 05/03/2013              ² Inception date: 25/11/2009              ³ Inception date: 21/05/2013              ᵃ Inception date: 29/01/2020              ᵇ Inception date: 24/06/2015
Investment Manager | Distributor
Studio Investimentos Adm. de Recursos Ltda
CNPJ: 11.006.650/0001-60
Av. Niemeyer 2, sala 103
Rio de Janeiro, RJ – CEP: 22450-220
Tel. 55.21.35540600 | Fax. 55.21.3554.0606
BNY Mellon Serviços Financeiros DTVM S.A.
CNPJ: 02.201.501/0001-61
Av. Presidente Wilson 231, 11° andar
Rio de Janeiro, RJ – CEP: 20030-905
SAC: | 21.3219.2600 | 11.3050.8010 | 0800.725.3219
Ombudsman: | 0800.725.3219
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