The Company


Multidisciplinarity – a combination of a team with experience in equity long only fund and renowned businessmen from real economy.

Interest alignments – Partnership, main executives are partners and have 100% of their investments in Studio FIC FIA stocks, aiming the alignment of total interest with the clients.

Focus – exclusive dedication to equity management, preserving a sole investment horizon. All the functions not related to the company’s core business are outsourced.

Investment Philosophy

Fundamental Analysis (Value Investing) –  investment based on meticulous and detailed study of the companies and their competitive environments.

Discipline and patience – diligent construction of the investment theses, without haste when making a decision and with a long-term horizon.

Margin of safety – significant distortions between the companies’ intrinsic value and their market prices. We don’t use leverage.

Active management –  investment opportunities are analyzed independent of their weight in the Ibovespa index.

Gradualism – in building and unwinding positions.

Concentration – courage to take the risk when the risk-return ratio is extraordinary.


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