Beatriz Fortunato

Graduate with academic excellence in Industrial Engineering at UFRJ (2002). Post graduate title in corporate law at FGV-RJ. Mrs. Fortunato was an equity analyst at Opportunity Asset Management from January 2001 to February 2006. In 2006 joined ARX Capital Management / BNY Mellon ARX acting as an analyst / manager of equity strategies until September 2009. Mrs. Fortunato participated in the audit committee of various publicly traded companies of the Brazilian financial market.

Pedro Sauer

Graduate in Business Administration at IBMEC-RJ (2004) and Bachelor in Law at Candido Mendes (2007). Mr. Sauer joined ARX Capital Management as an intern of the sales department in 2003. In 2004 joined the risk management team, being responsible for the implementation of the Order Management System. In 2006 became responsible for structuring the offshore platform of funds for international investors. In 2007 was part of the team responsible for organizing and conducting due diligence for the sale of ARX Capital Management to BNY Mellon. In 2008 conducted the operational unification of both legacy platforms forming BNY Mellon ARX. Until September 2009, was a member of the international platform team of BNY Mellon ARX.

Glória Serra

Mrs. Serra has an economics degree at Candido Mendes and an executive MBA title at IBMEC. Worked for 26 years at Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, within several positions in the finance department. In 1997 became General Manager of Corporate Finance. Member of the board and of financial committees of several subsidiaries of the CVRD group. In 2001, Mrs. Serra was one of the founding partners of ARX Capital Management, an asset manager in Brazil. Until 2008, Mrs. Serra worked as the controller and sales at ARX. From January 2008 to July 2009 Mrs. Serra was part of the Sales department of BNY Mellon ARX.

Rodrigo Wrobel

Graduate in Industrial Engineering at PUC-RJ, Mr. Wrobel joined Studio in April 2011 as a trainee. Previously, he was part of the Asset Allocation area of Banco Modal.

Bernardo Doherty

Graduate with academic excellence in Industrial Engineering at UFRJ, Mr. Doherty joined Studio in April 2013 as a trainee. Previously, he was part of the Pricing and Market Risk area of BBM Investimentos.

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